Our Leadership Team

Danny Frasure


Serial entrepreneur who has started and operated more than 15 healthcare related businesses in home health and hospice.

Ryan Facer


Technological Innovator, Endodontist, Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Peer Reviewed Researcher, Scientific Advisory Board Member.

Advisory Board

Adam Gonzalez


Chief Information Officer at Watermark Estate Management, LLC – a private company owned by the Gates family which provides a variety of Family Office services worldwide, including estate management, operations, project management, security, finance and administration, and technology services.

Andy Rahden


CEO at Shmoop. Former Partner at Pluralsight. Worked as a Global Manufacturing, Design & Simulation Leader at Autodesk. Current business partners include Jeff Bezos and Ellen & David Siminoff.

Dr. Matt Henry


Founder at Saptron Consulting which specializes in IT security for some of the nation’s largest Fortune 100 companies for the past 12 years. As a Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Henry also brings a unique perspective of the need Udo addresses.  Dr. Henry advises on the lifecycle development of secure enterprise technology and its introduction into individual health practitioner office and end-user experience.  

Jeff Roberts


Chief Financial Office for Savage Services who has directly managed more than $16 Billion in transactions. Also served as CFO at Maxum Enterprises.

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