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Subpoena & Court Order Policy 

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users, customers and affiliates. This Subpoena & Court Order Policy is intended to balance our legal obligations to comply with properly issued subpoenas and court orders with that commitment to privacy. We will not share customer, affiliate, or account information without the express consent of the subject of that information except under the limited circumstances required by legal process and in accordance with the following terms.  

Submitting a Subpoena or Court Order to Udo 

Udo is headquartered in Utah, United States. You may mail or serve Udo with a valid criminal or civil subpoena or U.S. court order to: 

Udo, LLC  

Attention: Legal 

182 N W Union Ave. 

Farmington, UT 84025 

Udo may, at its sole discretion, accept service by email. Requests to accept service by email should be directed, together with the subpoena or order, to [email protected] 


Criminal Investigations 

A valid U.S. subpoena submitted as described above is required for Udo to disclose account or identifying information of an Udo customer or affiliate in connection with a criminal matter.  

If you are a member of law enforcement seeking other information within the control of Udo in connection with a criminal matter, please contact Udo as set forth above and provide the name of the issuing authority, badge or ID number of the responsible agent, email address from a law-enforcement domain, and agency phone number for verification. 


Civil Subpoenas 

Limitations. Udo will respond to a valid U.S. subpoena submitted as described above with only the information, documents, and data that are within the scope of Udo ‘s duty to respond. Udo reserves the right to (a) object to the subpoena based on jurisdiction, insufficient time, privilege, protected proprietary information, trade secret, and undue burden; and (b) request copies of the pleadings or other supporting documentation that demonstrates how the information sought is related to the pending litigation.  

Notice to Third Parties. When Udo receives a valid civil subpoena requesting medical, financial, personal identifying, or other confidential or private information of a user, customer, affiliate or other third party, Udo will promptly notify the affected third party, via email or U.S. mail and permit that third party a reasonable opportunity to object or move to quash the subpoena. Unless the requesting party can demonstrate urgent circumstances, such notification may delay Udo’s response to the civil subpoena. 

Costs. Udo will charge the person or entity submitting the civil subpoena for costs associated with subpoena compliance. Payment must be made within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the Udo invoice. Checks should be made out to Udo, LLC. Subpoena compliance costs are as follows: 

  • Research – $75.00/hour 
  • Copies – $.15/page 
  • Delivery – Cost as Billed 

Confidential Information. Some documents or data produced by Udo in response to a subpoena may contain confidential, trade secret, proprietary, medical, or other private information that must be protected from public disclosure. In such circumstances, Udo will designate documents CONFIDENTIAL by stamp or electronic tag. With respect to materials designated as CONFIDENTIAL: 

  • Access must be limited to the parties in the underlying action pursuant to which the subpoena was served, their attorneys and agents, and the court and its personnel. 
  • Documents must not be filed in the public record absent a reasonable attempt to ensure the filing of such documents, and any references thereto, under seal. 
  • Documents produced in response to a subpoena may not be used for any purpose other than prosecuting or defending the action in which the subpoena is served, and must be destroyed within sixty (60) days after the final disposition of the underlying action. 


Valid Subpoena. Valid subpoenas are those issued by (a) any U.S. federal court or (b) the courts of the State of Utah, or any other State in which Udo has qualified to do business. Udo reserves the right to voluntarily comply with a subpoena that does not comport with these jurisdictional requirements. 

Email. Take notice that Udo’s email servers do not retain deleted or sent e-mail for customers or affiliates.   

Modification. Udo reserves the right to modify this policy at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. Such modifications are effective immediately upon posting to this site. 

Last reviewed March 1, 2021. 

©Udo, LLC (2021).