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Smile Virtual Acquisition

A New Era of UDO

The acquisition will shape the future of the company.

PHOENIX, November 08, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phoenix-based virtual care company Smile Virtual today announced its acquisition by emerging Utah tech company Udo LLC ( Terms of the deal were not announced; however, the acquisition is the natural outgrowth of months of joint development work between the two highly aligned organizations.

Smile Virtual is the leading virtual care solution in dentistry, connecting patients and dentists for more confident smiles. With deep-rooted customer relationships and an amazing product, dentists across the world choose Smile Virtual as their most efficient way to reach and connect with patients.


People who may be curious, yet apprehensive or nervous about cosmetic dentistry can upload one or two pictures from the Smile Virtual website along with a few notes and receive a custom consult to their email. The exchange answers the biggest questions patients have according to Dr. Brian Harris, “What are my options?” “How much will it cost?” and “Who do I trust for a procedure like this?” Getting these answers from the comfort of a patient’s home has been an exciting leap toward more patient-centered dentistry.

Dentists who do virtual consults and see the patient in person for a final consult have a 90% acceptance of the recommended treatment because the patient is now familiar with the dentist and aware of the cost.

The asynchronous communication between the patient and the dentist accommodates the unpredictable schedule of the dentist and delivers higher quality video that patients can watch multiple times. This is one of the many principles Udo has upheld from their inception.

Patient satisfaction is high because the process was designed around the patient first; giving the patient control and simply trying to help. The rapid success of the patient-driven solution is more efficient for dentists as well.

Udo approached Smile Virtual in early 2021 after discovering the ways Smile Virtual has advanced and transformed the success of virtual care service in the dental industry. The combination of the two platforms allows virtual patient care to extend from initial consult through resolution of care.

“Over the last three years, Smile Virtual has built a community of amazing like-minded dentists committed to serving their patients at the highest level,” says Jenn Rhoades, Smile Virtual Co-Founder, and CEO. “Today marks the beginning of a promising new chapter for Smile Virtual that accelerates our mission to help more people.”

With the acquisition, Smile Virtual co-founder and visionary lead Dr. Brian Harris has now joined the Udo executive team as Chief Strategy Officer, to continue and accelerate the advancement of support for expanded communication and improved collaboration among health and dental practitioners and the patients they serve.

“Now more than ever, patients are more educated about their options and want to play a more active role in their healthcare journey,” says Harris. “Convenience, trust, and total transparency will soon be the new normal in healthcare because of this technology.”

Udo will continue to serve existing Smile Virtual customers while continuing to expand and enhance the service and benefits they receive from the virtual platform.

Udo is a privately held communications technology company nestled among the Wasatch Mountains in Farmington, Utah. Udo has created a HIPAA-compliant, video-based technology that connects providers directly to their patients in a new and unique way. Patients can also invite their friends and family members to participate in their healthcare journey. Udo has gathered leaders and experts, in both business and healthcare, under the unified vision to connect and empower humanity through innovation. To learn more about Udo, visit

Smile Virtual connects dentists with patients looking to improve their smiles. They work with hundreds of practices to bridge the communication gap between dentist and patient and alleviate the burden that impacts both in unique ways. Smile Virtual is the leading HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant virtual care solution and is revolutionizing the dental experience.